What’s Included in a Landscape Maintenance Proposal?

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With budgeting season in full swing, you are likely deciding what contractors to sign with for the upcoming year. When choosing a landscape company, be sure to carefully analyze the landscape maintenance proposal.

Selecting the right provider is easier said than done, which is why the landscape maintenance proposals they provide are so important. A landscape maintenance proposal is more than just a list of services provided. It is a chance for the company to set themselves apart from the competition. So, what should you be looking for in a landscape maintenance proposal?  

General Conditions of a Landscape Maintenance Proposal

The main focus of a proposal is the statement of work. This generally begins with an overview of the services provided and the manner in which the company will carry them out. This can give you an idea of what you can expect from the contractor. Some contractors will be sure to state that they will be responsible for planning and executing all regularly and recurring tasks. While pretty standard, knowing this upfront may ease some of your stress. Choose a company that discusses not just the what, but the how. You want a contractor that expects the best from their employees and promises that they will conduct their work in a neat, courteous, and professional manner.  

Breakdown of Services 

It’s not enough for a company to simply list the services they provide. Look for proposals that provide very detailed statements of the work they will perform. There is a good chance this attention to detail will carry over to their physical work. A detailed proposal will include an explanation of each service and how often it will be performed.  

You want a contractor that holds his or her company to the highest of standards when it comes to maintaining the beauty of your property. A proposal that lacks details leaves a lot of room uncertainty in the future.  

Choose the Best Landscape Maintenance Proposal

While the statement of work alone can set some companies aside, you may need more in order to make your decision. Reputable companies will often include a certificate of insurance and a list of qualifications. Some may even include examples of work they have done that may be similar to what you are looking for.  

Proposals may seem overwhelming, which is why it is important to know what to look for. Be sure to read through them thoroughly and choose a company that is straightforward about what they are offering. For more information, or to request a proposal, contact Sunrise Landscape today!  

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