10 Ways to Beautify Your Commercial Building Landscape

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Enhance Your Commercial Property’s Look With These Tips

Your goal of how to make your commercial property more attractive is within reach with the right design and additions to your property. Your commercial location has all the options that your landscaper has to offer regardless of the size of your building or complex. Consider these ideas when looking for some distinctive landscape tips for commercial property:

1. Incorporate Decorative Hardscaping

Sidewalks, concrete block or brick walls, pavers, and other types of hardscaping can help to beautify your property while keeping watering costs to a minimum. Non-plant aspects of your landscaping mean less upkeep and cost and can be woven through your overall landscape design to achieve the look and feel you want for your commercial property.

2. Make the Most of Native Florida Foliage

When in Florida, why not use what’s right here? Using native Florida plants and trees means they are already used to the climate, and it will be easier to keep them healthy. Florida’s changing seasons will allow you to change flowers periodically for those that thrive best in a particular time of year and will give your building a slightly different look. Keeping all of your foliage healthy will add to the aesthetic of the building and property, in general, which will make your business more approachable when customers drive by.

3. Use Trees to Soften the Commercial Look of Your Building

Enhance your commercial property with trees as part of your landscape design. The jarring, impersonal aesthetic of a commercial building can be softened with the addition of a few strategically placed trees. Maybe even a few that offer shade and a place to enjoy the day would be pleasant for your customers as they come and go.

4. Coordinate Landscaping With Your Company’s Brand

Incorporating your brand into the landscape of your commercial building can be a fun way to get your name out there for everyone to see. Maybe you can plant flowers the color of your logo or spell your company’s name with shrubs. Get creative. Discuss your ideas with your landscaper and see how you can use your commercial building landscape as an advertising tool.

5. Keep Grounds Tidy

Picking up trash, sweeping sidewalks and pathways, mowing grass, trimming trees and shrubs, and deadheading flowers will go a long way in keeping your commercial building and property looking presentable. This is one of the simplest ways to beautify your surroundings and will let your customers know you care enough to put in the effort.

6. Add Colorful Flowerbeds

Bump up your property’s appeal with bursts of colorful flowers in flowerbeds or lining walkways. Even the most neutral-colored building will take on a brighter look when there are groupings of color here and there.

7. Focus on Your Locale

Give beautiful Florida a place in the process of landscaping your commercial building. Incorporate colors that people identify with Florida beaches and other areas of the state. You are already in a tropical setting, so let that guide you in your ideas for beautifying your commercial building landscape.

8. Place Occasional Benches

A quiet place to rest is often appreciated on a hot day, especially in large commercial complexes that can seem to go on forever. You might consider a bench in the shade of a tree that is part of the landscape. Who can resist a quiet place to sit and collect their thoughts?

9. Bring the Outdoors Inside

The architecture of many commercial buildings includes an indoor/outdoor aspect of pathways to some offices without being totally closed in. These areas often benefit from plants and trees that can contribute to a relaxing feeling of the property in general. Since this area might not get direct sunlight, foliage that thrives in shade might be a good choice.

10. Mist Your Surroundings With a Fountain

Florida sure has its share of humidity, and there is a way to offer customers relief when they visit your business. A fountain that reuses its water can double as a light spray when someone comes close. What a way to cool off on a hot Florida day.

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