3 Flower and Plant Arrangements Every Commercial Property Should Have

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Did you know that plants can improve mental health? According to the World Economic Forum, plants improve cognitive ability and air quality. Simply seeing flower and plant arrangements can improve somebody’s mood.

That is why every business should pay attention to its landscape design. After all, people are not robots. They require beauty and pleasantry instead of cold efficiency.

Your best landscaping ideas can make your workplace more appealing to employees. However, it can also make your business more valuable. Beautiful landscaping can improve the curb appeal of your commercial property.

Fortunately, you do not have to design your landscape alone. Check out this guide to discover three excellent arrangements for your landscaping!

  1. Frame Your Entrance with Flower and Plant Arrangements

The first arrangement to consider is an entrance frame. The concept is simple; all you need are plant arrangements that can line the front of your building.

However, do not get careless in your plant selection. Different plants can have various effects on people’s moods. For example, blooming flowers can create a cheerful, vibrant atmosphere for your business. That may sound ideal for many companies’ brands.

However, some businesses prefer a more modern and laid-back atmosphere. If so, consider using trees and high-rising shrubs for your entrance.

  1. Line Property Pathways with Plants

Another arrangement to consider is lining your company pathways with plants. This approach is an excellent touch for companies with large campuses.

The design is once again straightforward. All you have to do is line each of your pathways with plants. This greenery can help your employees remain relaxed and focused as they walk through your property.

This design can also appeal to customers and clients. It can help them stay relaxed as they walk through your premises.

So, what are some good designs for your pathway greenery? That depends on several factors. For example, if you have a smaller space, you may prefer to conserve it by using smaller plants.

You may consider lining pathways with small flowers, for example. You can also make a statement by including human-sized plants and large containers in more open spaces.

  1. Add an Outdoor Patio

Outdoor patios can be a beautiful touch for welcoming customers and employees. All you really need are three things to make this design work:

  • benches
  • shade
  • trees/flowers

You can scale your patio’s size and grandeur to suit your company’s needs. However, outdoor spaces can be excellent places for employees or customers to gather.

So, what types of plants should you use in these spaces? It is often best to go for practicality and beauty.

First, strategically place larger plants like trees and shrubs near tables. These plants provide shade for the patio’s visitors. Then, place colorful flowers in other areas for splashes of color!

Use Commercial Landscaping Services to Design Your Space

Flower and plant arrangements can bring many improvements to your business. However, many managers and owners do not have time to design stunning landscapes.

That’s where our commercial landscaping services come in. We have helped several companies add a green touch to their properties with landscape design!

We offer landscape installation work as well as maintenance. Contact us today to begin your commercial property design!

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