Commercial Landscape: Bring Out the Color This Spring

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As a property manager, you already know how important appearance can be when making a first impression. If your commercial landscape is full and beautiful, you’re probably going to attract more people. At Sunrise, we want to help you achieve that this spring by bringing out the color in your landscape.

1. Plant Both Annuals and Perennials at Your Commercial Landscape

Perennials are fantastic because with just a little maintenance, you already having a flourishing landscape. The problem is, many perennials only flower once, so you only have that vibrant color at one point during the year. To keep the colors coming, plant both annuals and perennials. You’ll have to plant more annuals the next year, but it will give your property that pop of color it needs to look fresh and rejuvenated at all times.

2. Add Color to Other Elements to Your Commercial Landscape

You don’t have to just add color with the flowers and plants you have in your landscape. Colorful pavers might make the landscape more interesting. Different colored pots full of colorful flowers could add to the color this spring as well. You could also add signs, water features, and a variety of other elements to your landscape that will pull the color in.

3. Concentrate on the Focal Points of Your Commercial Landscape

Take a moment to study your landscape so you can find where the focal points are. Perhaps the entrance to your parking lot stands out, or the walkway to your front door is something everyone sees. When you have flowers and other colorful plants installed, focus on those areas, so the color is most vibrant and most noticeable.

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