Breakdown of Landscape Maintenance Contracts

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Landscape Maintenance Contract

There’s nothing we like more than seeing a manicured lawn and shrub combination accenting a commercial lot. Commercial property can reflect the owners’ values through skilled and creative landscaping techniques while offering clients a safe, pleasing, and eye-catching environmental experience. At Sunrise Landscaping, we understand what sorts of questions to ask when considering investing in a commercial landscape maintenance contract.

What Do You Want?

Are you going to have an installation or just a touch-up? How will your needs change with the seasons? Do you want annual pruning, spring cleanup, or seasonal color? Will you require tree care, lawn care, pest control, bed maintenance, or something else? Of course, once you give it some consideration, you’ll prune this list of questions down to suit your needs. 

What About Pricing?

The best way to get the best price is by doing some legwork. Get some quotes from local companies and compare them, and while you’re at it, try to dig up some reviews. Prices might vary considerably. Variables could include the experience and training of the staff and the costs of materials. At Sunrise, we offer excellent pricing packages and experts in all things landscaping, from arborists to horticulturists to certified pest control applicators. 

What About the Human Touch?

Quality service is as important as quality work. Ideally, you want a commercial landscape company to partner with you to execute your vision over time and see that your needs are met year-round. Our mission at Sunrise Landscape is to provide just such a partner for you. We can handle any commercial landscape projects and maintenance, and you can focus on business.

Reach out to us at Sunrise Landscape for all of your commercial landscape needs, and we’ll put our dedicated, experienced team to work for you!

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