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Choosing the Right Drift Rose Varieties for Your Next Project

As a Roses are a beautiful addition to any landscape, but with more than 150 types of roses, it can be hard to choose the right one for your property. Drift roses are an excellent choice for anyone looking for low-maintenance groundcover roses. But even the drift rose...

Perfect Your Outdoor Spaces

To your staff, your building is like a second home. When you take your outdoor spaces to the next level, you don’t only add value to your building, but you cultivate a pleasant experience for staff and guests alike.

At Sunrise Landscape, we understand the importance of adding outdoor spaces that create a valuable experience for everyone.

Add Water Features

Forget the days of lifeless office spaces. Water features allow you to integrate nature with your building. The movement and sound of ponds, fountains, and other water features can provide a calm atmosphere.

Be Bold With Your Choices

Do not be afraid to take risks with your landscape. We can help you create designs that work with your architecture and your company’s mission. Bold choices may include shrub-lined seating areas or palm trees.

Create Lounge Areas

Outdoor benches and lounge areas give your staff and clients a place to meet outdoors. They also provide beautiful views, shade, and privacy. On the one hand, a lounge area is functional, but it looks playful and fun. Sometimes, it helps to get out of the office and into nature.

Make Use of Your Roof

If you have a tall building with limited outdoor space, you may want to think about converting your roof into a lounge area or meeting place. We can help you design your roof creatively to provide a resting spot for your employees. Consider grassy areas, plant boxes, and benches.

Design Public Walking Routes

If you have a large property, you can make it more exciting and relaxing to walk around. Landscaped paths, shaded trees, and nature can create an enjoyable and relaxing experience. Placement of benches and seating throughout the property can appease your clients and staff.

At Sunrise Landscape, we provide commercial landscape maintenance throughout central and west coast Florida. We understand the importance of your landscape design. Contact us today for maintenance, water management, or full-scale landscape construction!

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