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As a Roses are a beautiful addition to any landscape, but with more than 150 types of roses, it can be hard to choose the right one for your property. Drift roses are an excellent choice for anyone looking for low-maintenance groundcover roses. But even the drift rose...

Reinventing your commercial landscape can maximize your property’s potential. Commercial landscaping is one of the most significant contributors to your curb appeal. When potential clients, tenants, and employees visit your property, your landscaping communicates more than just your preference in perennials and annuals.

Put People First 

Just like with your business model, people come first. When you are working with a professional landscaping company, they will help identify how people interact with your property. Perspectives, walkways, parking lots, and common areas are often prioritized.

Honor Professional Opinions

Familiar feels good, which is how many properties get stuck in a rut. Avoid personal feelings regarding landscaping, and honor professional opinions instead. Prepare to allow the professionals to create a newer, more improved landscape that you will appreciate.

Identify Your Goals 

Not every property has the same objectives. Some businesses want a landscape that people can enjoy and interact with, like greenhouses or parklands. Walkways and smaller blooming installations with large sections of shade trees are popular in many places in Florida. Other businesses such as headquarters, need to look good in photos but are not often navigated. More prominent elements such as retaining walls and brightly colored shrubs with large swatches of color are ideal for larger spaces.

Prioritize Visual Areas 

Entry areas and parking lots are often the most prioritized areas. Wherever your guests will be the most are the first areas you want to get in order and maintain. While these areas may have the most labor-intensive installations, it will be worth it as your property becomes a top contender based on beauty and maintenance.

Schedule Routine Maintenance 

Once you have a professional landscaping system in place, be sure to schedule routine maintenance from the start. A one-and-done approach to commercial landscape is never the best approach and can be costly to correct.

For more information on full-service Tampa-based commercial landscaping in Florida, contact Sunrise Landscape today to help you reinvent your commercial landscape.

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