What is a Horticulturalist and Why Do You Need One?

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Psychological experts have linked exposure to nature with many physical and mental benefits. These include lower stress, better mood, improved attention, and reduced risk of many psychological disorders. All of these can lead to greater productivity. 

This can prove beneficial to you as a commercial property owner. If the workers in your commercial property are more productive, the business within your property will become richer. This can, in turn, lead to greater profits for you. 

Therefore, having healthy and beautiful plants on your property is a good idea. How can you ensure that your property has these? Hiring a horticulturalist is a great way to do so. 

What is a horticulturalist? Read on to learn the answer. 

What Is a Horticulturalist? 

A horticulturalist is a professional that practices horticulture. He or she has a scientific knowledge of plant cultivation and propagation. One way that a person can become a horticulturalist is to gain significant experience working in forestry, landscaping, and/or agriculture. 

Another way is to gain an associate’s or bachelor’s degree in a study related to the field. Some examples of appropriate programs include biology, botany, and environmental science

What Does a Horticulturalist Do? 

The job of a horticulturalist is to use his or her knowledge of horticulture to assist farmers, gardeners, and other agriculturists. He or she will inspect plants and identify any issues with their health. Then, he or she will make suggestions on how to improve soil, watering, pest control, and so on. 

When helping to plan out a landscape or garden, horticulturalists can suggest which kinds of plants would grow best in the provided environment. To do this, they think about soil, climate, and how plants exist together. They can also help give the land an effective aesthetic. 

What Are Some Ways You Can Benefit From Hiring a Horticulturalist?

When expert horticulturalists work with a farmer in growing vegetables and/or fruits, his or her crops bear more food. Much of the same effect happens when a horticulturalist assists in gardening. As a result of his or her suggestions for plant choice and care, the plants in your landscape should flourish. 

Along with this state making employees more productive, it also increases your property’s curb appeal. This can increase the real estate value of your commercial property.

In addition, possible tenants will love a great-looking landscape. This will make their business look more professional and attract more customers. Therefore, you can attract commercial tenants more easily. 

Hire a Horticulturalist With Us 

A horticulturalist is a highly experienced professional who can make your landscape flourish. In doing this, your commercial property investment is sure to attract tenants, better your tenants’ businesses, and increase your property’s value. This will result in more profits for you. 

Now that you know the answer to ‘what is a horticulturalist’, you’re probably ready to hire one for your Tampa property. If so, contact us now to begin a property care partnership. With over 40 years of experience, we’re sure to solve every plant issue that you have. 

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