Yes, There Are Different Seasons for Landscaping in Florida

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Winter Landscaping

Perhaps you heard the joke that the Upper Midwest only has three seasons: pre-winter, winter, and post-winter. Something similar could be said about the opposite but very moderate climate of Florida. In Tampa, people are fond of dividing our weather into two seasons—wet and dry. There are plenty of gradations in our environment that imply you should not treat your landscaping the same throughout the year. It is good to have a reminder about the distinction between the seasons and its difference for your commercial landscaping requirements.

Cooler Means Dryer

Though you seldom have to worry about freezes or frost in the Tampa area, even here, many types of foliage become dormant in the winter months. The most important thing to remember is that they are not dead and will still benefit from watering, though at a reduced rate. Beyond watering, there are some other winter tasks to accomplish:

  • Prune and trim dead branches
  • The need is for seed—overseed but do not fertilize lawns
  • Feed fruit trees and ornamental shrubs
  • Plant bulbs and cover flower beds with mulch
  • If a freeze is coming, cover delicate plants with plastic sheeting

Warmer Means Wetter

It is ironic to sit next to the ocean and still have to water vegetation, though that is what summer is all about. If you have an irrigation system, it is good to check it out ahead of the need for heavy watering. Because of the intense growth of Florida tropical foliage, summer requires more regular oversite of landscaping. Be aware of the sunlight needs of flowers and shrubs. Summer is best for planting ornamentals, allowing them to establish a sound root system before dormancy.

Keeping an eye on the weather year-round to maintain beautiful landscaping can be a real chore. For assistance from professionals, contact Sunrise Landscape today for your next landscaping maintenance project.

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